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Congrats! Here I will be explaining the opportunity for online business all for you to get on the Ultimate road to set up, build and start making your Online Marketing Income!


Easy-Steps within 30 Seconds Process you will set up nd build your OWN Website !




First you need a Niche… but wait, What’s a Niche? Think about your passion or your favorite hobby , anything of your interest can become a Niche for example your Talent. A niche is a Topic for your website where your business will be targeting ! YES! It’s as simple as it sounds.


Remember your Niche will be your key to setting up yourself a Business website!



Best advice choose a NICHE of something specific that you’re interesting in, where a niche can be very profitable . You will be investing your effort , time and working hard on writing and creating content … so my Suggestion pick a Niche of something you know or love where it will be productive! Something you will enjoy talking about it.

 “Sounds very Easy”


Of course by now you have chosen your own Niche. Lets start building your website now! As a Starter Member you get 2 free websites. When Signing up to Basic Starter Membership offers no cost to you, Thats right it is all FREE! I also will give you a special bonus as soon as you join in our Wealthy Affiliate Community to BECOME PREMIUM within 7 days for you to get Unlimited Websites!!


3 Steps



Choosing Your Domain Name…

When choosing your domain name is very important related to your Niche. If you’re starting out using our free services then you get any subdomain name using ( ..

I suggest you buy your Own Domain name due to more competitive advantage when it comes to succeeding online.

Web Design

What is a good domain name? 

A good domain name has to define and relate to your business. I reccomend it to be Simple but creative meaning catchy as possible .. The shorter the better will help it be easier to remember. For best rankings in the (SEO) a .com domain name would be more likely to get ranked but you can use .org or .net for your own domain name.

Web Designer

With our Express WordPress is one of the Top Website Builder, In that case you will be using our Exclusive FREE Web Designer!

It is very Easy to use and fully Functioning with Rapid writer which this amazing tool will help and assist your writing Content .. Its like your best friend.

WordPress Express

Benefits of our Exclusively Website BUILDER

* Access over 1,400 Customized Templates/themes

* Easy To Content Management System (CMS)

* Luxury Plugins and Setup Options

* Quality Creating Content

* Creative Unique Framework

* Master Rapid Writer

* High Speed Web Hosting & MUCH MORE!


From all this Amazing most talented benefits, it’s all you need to get you on a started correct path in succeeding Online for a Website Business!

Wealthy Affiliate Going Up

Find targeted Keywords for your website AUDIENCE

What you need now is some High Quality relevant keywords which is very important for your Internet Website in different ways of all aspects in your Marketing.seo_keyword_research


Why is so Important? Having very specific unique keywords with low competition will draw in high volume target audience into see your marketing produces and make a purchase.


What we want and need to do is get as much Traffic in your web page. That way it will catch your audience into finding you and buying your product.

No Traffic – No Business = NO INCOMEjaaxy

 Here are the Ways to Make Online Money

When you BECOME PREMIUM there is an Unlimited Research Keywords Tool but I (myself) prefer using Jaaxy which is World’s Most Advanced Research Platform and mostly its all you need. 


What you need is Massive Traffic into your website to get your visitors to buy your Product

The reason I’m giving you a HUGE opportunity for Wealthy Affiliate System to show you all Strategies and technique that will teach the knowledge of skills on building your Successful Marketing Business – Check out my REVIEW page by Clicking Here


Again I am dedicated to help you get you rolling with our friendly WA folks and with all the lessons that’s available for you to take an Advantage, it’s a Blessing Opportunity for you to grow a Profitable Business!


If your Seriously willing to take ACTION with positive Ambitions than I’m here to help you go forward on accomplishing your Goals!!! I wish you best of all the luck and success because you DESERVE it.


If you have any questions or comments about experience within Wealthy Affiliate System, why not take a quick second to feel free drop a line below with your feedback or contact me! Please do touch base with me, I would love to hear from you 🙂


For your Success and Luck,

Julio, Wealthy Income System

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  1. Hi there. I just wanted to say that you have made a wonderful job with your entire website! I really like your way of telling all about what a niche is, audience and market relate products is. You have put up an amazing road map of this I think. Keep up the good work,


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